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Skjervøy – Norway

swim with orcas in Norway

Welcome to an unforgettable adventure in the pristine waters of Skjervoy, Norway, where you’ll have the unique opportunity to swim alongside majestic killer and humpback whales.

Arctic whales

Orcas, known for their iconic black and white silhouette, migrate to the north from November to January to feed on the large schools of herring. To witness these majestic mammals in their natural habitat, where the endless dance between predators and prey takes center stage, is truly extraordinary.  During the season, it is common to see and swim with Humpback whales as well. For the luckiest, occasionally you can spot Fin whales and Sperm whales. Venture into the crystal-clear waters for intimate encounters, guided by experts who offer insights into whale behavior and conservation. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Arctic whales as you snorkel alongside the apex predators of the ocean.
Join us in Norway for an unforgettable expedition!

The Location

Arnøya, nestled in the north of Norway, offers a pristine and enchanting backdrop for your next adventure. With its secluded bays, turquoise waters, and Christmassy landscapes, this small island next to Skjervoy provides the perfect setting to immerse yourself in the Arctic wonders while encountering these magnificent creatures.

ExpeditionS Details

ONLY snorkeling/swimming experience is required for the whale swims.

Duration: 6/5 or 3 days options
Group size: Maximum 5 customers per boat for an intimate experience (group discount).
Accommodation: Comfortable lodging on Arnøya Island & all meals.
Additional Activities: Hiking the surrounding scenic trails, lectures about whales, oceans, UW photography, and of course, Northern Lights hunting!

What to expect

Up-Close Encounters: Experience the beauty of killer whales in their natural habitat, observing their graceful movements up close.
Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable crew will provide insights into the behavior and conservation efforts surrounding these incredible marine mammals.
Other Wildlife: While swimming with orcas is the highlight, keep an eye out for other marine life such as humpback whales, fin whales, sperm whales, eagles, and even reindeers!
Adventure Beyond the Waves: Explore Norway’s fjords’ natural wonders through optional activities like hiking and northern lights hunting.

your host

Seasoned Crew and Marine Biology Guide.
The package includes onboard guidance for in-water activities, as well as evening lectures on marine biology and underwater photography workshops led by Federico Facchin.
Federico boasts years of experience worldwide as a marine biologist, whale-watching guide, dive master, and leader of expeditions for snorkeling with Humpback and Killer whales. He and the team ensure the best experience with local operators, offering memorable photos of the whale swims and valuable marine education and knowledge.

Ready to make your dream coming true?



Package includes:

Trip at sea: fuel, skipper, boat, guides.
Diving equipment: snorkel, mask, fins, diving socks/shoes, wetsuit, weight & belt, diving gloves (you are welcome to bring your own).
Protection suit for the boat: thick overall and rubber boots.
Accommodation bed & all meals, soft drinks.
Additional: Photography advice and presentations on whales by marine biologists.
Breathtaking landscapes free of charge!

Package DOES NOT include:

Flight tickets: (round trip).
Ferries tickets: Tromsø – Skjervøy (round trip).
Accommodation in Tromsø: (2 nights).
Alcohol: you can bring your own.



  • 25/10/24 - 31/10/24
  • 01/11/24 - 07/11/24
  • 08/11/24 - 14/11/24
  • 15/11/24 - 21/11/24
  • 22/11/24 - 28/11/24
  • 29/11/24 - 05/12/24
  • 06/12/24 - 12/12/24


  • 29/12/24 - 03/01/25
  • 05/01/25 - 10/01/25
  • 12/01/25 - 17/01/25


  • 13/12/24 - 17/12/24
  • 5 swims with whales
  • 19/01/25 - 23/01/25

5% discount for 2 pax – 10% discount from 3 pax!
If you are not available on the following dates, spots on other weeks are available too, please make contact for further information.


An informative chat with your host is required prior booking. 

Season 2023

Have a look at the photos from last season, or watch the trailer!