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Hi, my name is Federico but everyone calls me Fede. I did not grow up by the ocean, but I have always been fascinated by it.

Today I have a Master’s Degree in Marine Biology and a water-proof housing for my camera. I try to use both to describe the essence of the ocean and its importance to those who may not have the privilege of witnessing it daily. My mission is not only to share the beauty of the natural world but also to raise awareness about the pressing environmental challenges we face today. Here, you’ll find a collection of my most remarkable wildlife encounters from around the globe, presented in the form of blogs, published articles, and even radio interviews.
Feel free to reach out with any questions or share your thoughts, I’m always open to a conversation!


“After 40 minutes of freediving in an unimaginable submerged garden, I swim toward the boat as it’s time to move to the next site.a
Or maybe not quite yet? The captain quietly invites me to swim towards the bow of the boat. A whale has been spotted.”

The second largest

“As the whale’s front glides past me, its end is still unseen. In what feels like an eternity, I await the passage of its fluke.”


“Before me, a pride of lions, the undisputed kings and queens of the wild, have chosen an unconventional resting place, and the road, usually a passageway for vehicles, has been temporarily transformed into a royal resting place for these majestic creatures.”


“Once again we are floating on the water into a new adventure, and that is a good start for the beginning of a good story. But today for a change, we are not sailing on the ocean.”


“But above the 70th parallel, I fulfilled my lifetime dream: swim with Humpback whales. In my opinion, this could be the second-best second experience an astronaut will ever have.”

Dark Sky

“Today the sun has disappeared behind the moon, after being chased for over an hour, and for roughly 50 seconds the sky went dark.”

The Hunt

“You are alive, at sea. You are with good friends and you are healthy. What else do you need to be happy? What does it take to be the best day of your life?”

a new friend

“Flip, breach, dive, repeat. He just can’t get enough of it and as long as I have a battery in my camera and in my body,  I’m all in!”


“The night blizzard is sandblasting our faces and all the eyes on board are closed, but in our minds, we can still see the ocean, and the black and white “ghosts’ we just met.”

Icelandic Puffins

“While not considered an endangered species, Atlantic Puffins are nevertheless facing numerous challenges in Iceland. Overfishing, pollution, climate change and even hunting have led to a population declined by 45% between 2003 and 2017.”

SEA lions


Oceanographic Magazine

Contributor for Oceanographic Magazine

Creative for conservation

Contributor for Creatives For Conservation.

Port Douglas

Contributor for Port Douglas Magazine


Contributor for Oceanographic Magazine



2 out of 12 best eclipse images


My interviews for the Italian newspaper


My interview for tha Icelandic Newspaper



I had the chance to be live several times on RTL 102.5,  a national radio station, and talk about what I care most: nature, oceans and photography.

Rai Radio 3

“Ocean View” my interview for the Italian Public Radio.

Radio ABM

“Nei mari del mondo”, podcast for the italian radio.

Live on Spanish TV

Live on Antena 3, a national Spanish tv, to speak about orcas.