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Calendar 2023

Another year is coming to an end and this 2022 certainly has not been without sourprises and adventures.

The new calendar is ready and available for pre orders. A collection of pictures taken all over the world from the snowy dolomites to the torrid Amazon jungle, 12 shots to keep you  close to nature throughout 2023.

Stay wild! 


Favourite of the month

Here is the most liked picture of October: two humpback whales swimming next to me in the arctic water.

Hover the picture to see the colors!

Hong Kong


Born in Italy, Federico’s passion for nature was fuelled by the surrounding environment of his youth. Growing up around the beautiful forests and fresh waters of the lakes and rivers in the Italian Dolomites, instilled in him a deep love and curiosity for the surrounding nature and wildlife, especially the hidden life under the water’s surface.

He ended up turning his passions into his career.



Currently living in the arctic, and diving in the cold waters of the Norvegian fjords with stingy jellyfish, colorful softcorals, king krabs and.. WHALES!

Kruger National Park


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Would you like a piece of art that brings nature back into your house? Tired of the urban environment of your city? Or do you simply love the outdoors and your heart is longing for the next adventure?

Decorate your wall space with one of Federico Facchin’s Nature and Wildlife prints, a selection of images taken all over the world, from the torrid jungles of Asia and South America to the frozen wasteland of Iceland and Norway.


Amazon Basin

Underwater Drone

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