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Ningaloo Reef – Western Australia


My name is Federico but everyone calls me Fede. I did not grow up by the ocean, but I have always been fascinated by it.
Today I have a master’s degree in Marine Biology and a waterproof housing for my camera. I try to use both to describe the oceans and their importance to those who can not see it every day.

GREAT BARRIER Reef – Australia


Would you like a piece of art that brings nature back into your house? Tired of the urban environment of your city? Or do you simply love the outdoors and your heart is longing for the next adventure?
Decorate your wall space with one of Federico Facchin’s Nature and Wildlife prints, a selection of images taken all over the world, from the torrid jungles of Asia and South America to the frozen wasteland of Iceland and Norway.

Kaikoura – New Zealand

Photography & editing Workshop

Elevate your creativity with our Photoshop and Lightroom courses. Master image editing from basics to advanced techniques, and transform your photos with our exclusive presets. Enjoy the convenience of online lessons. Sign up now and contact us for more info!

Opal Reef – Australia

customers Reviews

Lorenzo Pallareti
Lorenzo Pallareti
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-THE BLUE CALENDAR - "Third year buying this calendar! Stunning ocean images, top-notch quality. Instantly elevates any room. And communication with Federico is a breeze."
Marie Villard
Marie Villard
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-THE BRIDE - "L'impression d'un renard arctique est arrivée rapidement et elle est magnifique, avec de beaux détails. La commande sur le site était facile et j'ai opté pour un cadre noir qui la met en valeur sur le mur. Je suis très satisfaite de mon achat."
Caterina Tollot
Caterina Tollot
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-QUOKKA MUG - "Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. The quokka is adorable. Be careful when selecting photos that look good on a light background because the white printing border remains visible. Hand wash to preserve the print quality."
Ivana Ferretti Mangiafico
Ivana Ferretti Mangiafico
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-OPAL REEF - "The incredible amazing photography of Federico is just outstanding. The photos of the shark, whale and my favourite,the turtle 🐢 are just stunning. The pictures bring aquatic majestic creatures into your home, we r so lucky to have such marine beauty staring at us every day. Thank you Federico."
Amy trezona
Amy trezona
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-MARBLE TURTLE - I couldn't be more delighted with my purchase from Federico's collection. The images are simply breathtaking, making it nearly impossible to choose just one favorite. However, the Marble Turtle A3 print stole my heart. Its beauty adds an exquisite touch to my home, creating a serene and calming atmosphere.
Joan Pina
Joan Pina
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-PHOTOGRAPHY & EDITING WORKSHOP - "Fede’s underwater photography lessons, provide a lot useful information about how to operate your camera gear, tips for underwater videos to obtain professional results and great instructions for photo editing!"
Augustina Fitolite
Augustina Fitolite
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-LOVE EACH OTHER- La fotografía de Fede de los elefantes hermanos, es hermosa, luego de haber estado en África realmente represente la majestuosidad de estos seres. Con su lente logra captar toda su belleza y esencia a la perfección. Quede muy feliz con mi cuadro.
Exmouth – Australia

New Article


“As the whale’s front glides past me, the end of its colossal body remains unseen, creating anticipation that stretches into what feels like an eternity. I anxiously await the majestic sweep of its fluke before surfacing for a much-needed breath.”

Kruger National Park – South Africa

Favourite of the month

Here is the most liked picture of the month: 
“A pod of orcas going wild just beneath us. The photo captures the moment, but the symphony of their sounds is the real showstopper!”

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Daintree forest – Australia

Arctic Whales

Enjoy this collection of images featuring killer and humpback whales swimming and feeding in Norway’s breathtaking fjords.
As the photographer, I am excited to share not only the beauty of these remarkable creatures in their natural environment but also the stories from behind the expeditions.

Andenes – Norway

Fine art gallery

Explore the Fine Art Gallery, a selection of the best landscapes and wildlife portraits.

Exmouth – Australia


Born in Italy, Federico’s passion for nature was fuelled by the surrounding environment of his youth. Growing up around the beautiful forests and fresh waters of the lakes and rivers in the Italian Dolomites, instilled in him a deep love and curiosity for the surrounding nature and wildlife, especially the hidden life under the water’s surface. He ended up turning his passions into his career
Cosy Bay – South Africa

Phone Cases

Introducing our Nature-Inspired Phone Case Collection!
Immerse yourself in personalized designs capturing the essence of nature, wildlife, and the wonders beneath the waves. Each case, adorned with stunning images, tells a unique story of the great outdoors.

Dolomites – Italy


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Vestmannaeyjar – Iceland
Amazon Basin – Colombia


Explore a portfolio of short videos, featuring mesmerizing underwater scenes and breathtaking drone footage.

Skjervøy – Norway


Partnerships and collaborations

Phra Prang Sam Yot – Thailand