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Embark on extraordinary encounters with the most beautiful marine creatures in their natural environment! Join our expert-led expeditions for intimate, small-group experiences, to swim alongside these gentle giants, guided by knowledgeable local operators.
Discover the magic of the ocean with us! Our expeditions span from the Arctic to the tropics, offering diverse opportunities for exploration.
Stay tuned for more exciting itineraries to come!

Swim with Killer whales

November 2024

An extraordinary adventure in the cold waters of Skjervoy, Norway, where you’ll have the unique opportunity to swim alongside killer and humpback whales feeding on schools of herrings

Swim with humpbacks

July 2024

Embark on an unforgettable experience in the crystal-clear waters of Niue Island, where you’ll have the unique opportunity to swim alongside majestic humpback whales nurturing their calves.

Your HoST

Hello, I’m Federico, but everyone knows me as Fede. Although I didn’t grow up by the ocean, my fascination with it has been lifelong.

Now, with a Master’s Degree in Marine Biology and a waterproof housing for my camera, I endeavor to capture the essence of the ocean and emphasize its significance to those who may not experience it daily. My mission extends beyond merely showcasing the ocean’s beauty; it’s about raising awareness of the urgent environmental challenges we face today.
Join me on my adventures to immerse yourself in the ocean’s wonders, create lasting memories, and deepen your understanding of its importance.