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Looking to bring a touch of nature and the ocean into your home? Longing for a break from the hustle and bustle of city life? Or simply a nature enthusiast yearning for your next adventure?

Decorate your wall space with one of Federico Facchin’s Nature and Wildlife prints, a selection of images taken all over the world. From the steamy jungles of Asia and South America to the frigid landscapes of Iceland and Norway. Dive into the vibrant hues of Australia’s coral reefs or brave the icy waters of the Arctic Circle.

Each print is a unique piece of art, signed, numbered, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, elegantly framed with a passepartout. Plus, our fine art printing service is proud to be 100% carbon neutral.

No matter where you are, we offer worldwide shipping!

launching Collection

Marble Turtle

€100 – €380

Love Each Other

€100 – €380

Hold My Hands

€100 – €380


€100 – €380

That's amore

€100 – €380

Minke Dreams

€100 – €380


€100 – €380

Opal Reef

€100 – €380


€100 – €380



Welcome to the “South Africa” collection, a  series of images that capture the incredibly diverse wildlife of the African continent.


This captivating collection of images of Killer and Humpback whales is a window into the mysteries of the breathtaking Norwegian fjords,

– In my opinion, the impact of nature and wildlife photography extends far beyond mere decoration. Part of my mission is to share the beauty and the importance of nature and to bring awareness back into people’s daily lives. I firmly hold the belief that “If we don’t know, we don’t love, and if we don’t love, we don’t care.” 
And in today’s world, the need to care for nature is more pressing than ever.

Having dedicated many years to exploring the remote corners of our planet and tirelessly striving to capture its most exquisite moments, it brings me immense joy to add nature back into your home. –

Federico Facchin

Biophilic Design 

The incorporation of natural elements such as materials, views, greenery, or even artistic representations of nature into a space’s design, aims to evoke the sensation of being outdoors.

This approach has been shown to correlate with decreased stress levels, a reduction in depressive symptoms, and a decrease in negative emotions.

Express Global Delivery with tracked and insured shipping.
Limited-edition prints, numbered and supplied with a certificate of authenticity.
Carbon-neutral, sustainable production and packaging.

Looking for something more tailored?

Customize your print on demand (image, crop, size, material) for free! Contact us immediately for any questions, we will reply in a few minutes.

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