Born in Italy, Federico’s passion for nature was fuelled by the surrounding environment of his youth. Growing up around the beautiful forests and fresh waters of the lakes and rivers in the Italian Dolomites, instilled in him a deep love and curiosity for the surrounding nature and wildlife, especially the hidden life under the water’s surface.

He ended up turning his passions into his career.

Federico holds a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Science and Master’s degree in Marine Biology from the University of Bologna, Italy.

He has worked as Research Asistant at the Oceanografic of Valencia and as Senior Research Associate at the City University of Hong Kong. After having conducted research on marine mammals in Spain and coral-related studies in Asia, he become a full-time naturalist and guide, as well as a nature photographer. 

In 2018, he started working in Iceland as whale watching guide and Dive Master, but because of Covid he worked for two years as science teacer in his home country instead.

Now he is back with whales in Norway!

For the last five years, he has been travelling, working and living around the world, and this has brought him to destinations as diverse as the Philippines, Madagascar, Peru, Spain, Indonesia, Malta, China, Thailand, South Africa, Colombia and more.

Projects, collaborations and ideas.

Currently in Norway

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