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Born in Italy, Federico’s passion for nature was nurtured by the stunning landscapes of the Italian Dolomites, where he grew up surrounded by lush forests, pristine lakes, and flowing rivers. It was here that he developed a profound love and fascination for the natural world, particularly the hidden treasures beneath the water’s surface.

Federico transformed this lifelong passion into a fulfilling career. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Science and a Master’s degree in Marine Biology. His academic journey led him to diverse research roles, including serving as a Research Assistant at the Oceanogr√†fic of Valencia and as a Senior Research Associate at the City University of Hong Kong.

Having conducted research on marine mammals in Spain and coral-related studies in Asia, Federico transitioned into a full-time naturalist, guide, and nature photographer. In 2018, he ventured to Iceland, where he worked as a whale-watching guide and Dive Master. However, due to the global pandemic, he temporarily shifted gears to teach science in Italy.

With COVID restrictions easing, Federico resumed his explorations. He embarked on a brief stint at a Nature Reserve in South Africa and then moved to the Australian Great Barrier Reef, where he lived and dived in one of the world’s most complex marine ecosystems. He has recently relocated to the frozen fjords of Norway, where he will spend the winter documenting the Killer Whale Migration.

Currently in NORWAY